Tuesday, July 28, 2009

bidorbuy Electronics category

bidorbuy Electronics category
Building your own PC from parts is cheaper than buying a complete one.
First decide what you want to do with the PC, like playing games, office work or work from home or just for computer courses. Get prices on the software that you need or must have.
See the minimum requirements for each program as well as the size needed for installation.
Then you set out and find the motherboard with a processor like 3.2GHz, RAM 1GB or 2GB(bigger RAM more programs can run at the same time), Graphics card (256MB) for better screen resolution, DVD rom, writer or Blue ray rom, Sound card (Mostly for games), hard drive 80GB-1TB(you can add more than one but Windows and all software works better if loaded on one hard drive), Monitor new slim LCD or the older and bigger units. After you have all the above then you can decide on the size and shape of box to put all the above in (if the motherboard fit the rest will fit), also check the size of PSU/ power supply unit. Fit everything in the box and connect as indicated on the motherboard and installation papers. Then start installing the operating system like Windows XP, Vista etc. You'll create a partition and complete installation of the operating system. When you restart the PC you can install the rest of the software and then start with the different programs that you want to use. And voila you are ready to use your own PC.